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NUBI 4.0 is an innovative anti-theft smoke generator that expels intruders from your property without delay. The NUBI 4.0 product range, which includes 5 models, allows you to transform your burglar alarm into a real ward off system, in an increasingly simple and universal way. The purpose of NUBI 4.0 is to prevent theft by removing intruders from the chance to see and orientate, forcing them to run away. They will no longer be able to take advantage of the time gap between the alarm activation and your intervention, a of a trusted person or a patrol.

The anti-theft smoke generator intervenes immediately, making the intruders lose the precious time necessary to do the criminal action.

NUBI 4.0 obscures visibility, creates a dense non-toxic fog for people or animals and forces intruders to run away immediately.

The device NUBI 4.0 can act automatically or controlled by the smartphone when your alarm system is able to do it. In automatic operation it intervenes only when its integrated motion sensor confirms the signaling of the theft of your alarm, thus avoiding the possibility of smoke coming out due to false alarms.

NUBI 4.0 does not weigh on the electricity bill, has almost no electricity consumption, is small, it is cost effective and it can be well integrated in any domestic or commercial environment.


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Why should I add NUBI 4.0 to my alarm system?

Prota blindata

To protect your property, once it was enough to lock the door, then you needed the armored door, then the alarm, but today you cannot do without active protection.


Thieves take advantage of the time that elapses from the moment of the intrusion, in which the alarm alerts, when someone really intervenes, the average duration of a theft is 5 minutes.


To prevent theft, intruders must be immediately put to flight, for this reason the NUBI 4.0 smoke generator is indispensable, which obscures the environment and makes it hostile to thieves.


It is simple to install, thanks to the 5 available models it will be easy to satisfy all your needs. It will work in synergy with your anti-theft system, without having the inconvenience of one more thing to manage.


It is intelligent and thanks to its high quality built-in motion sensor it does not activate due to a false alarm caused by a human error or by a malfunction, even temporary, of the anti-theft system.


When a real intrusion occurs, NUBI 4.0 generates a safety smoke screen, blurs the visibility and creates a very hostile environment for thieves who will only be able to get-away.


It is ideal for protecting the safe, the room where you have valuables, the garage and the most vulnerable points of your property. Thanks to its small size you can easily installed it in any environment.


The energy bill does not increase and there is no need to connect it to the 220V network. It does not require annual maintenance typical of the fog generators. The only maintenance you need to do is replace the smoke cartridge if it has not been used for 4 or 5 years.


It does not stain, leaves no oily residue and is not toxic. It has been specifically designed to work indoors and has been tested by internationally accredited laboratories.


It is the faithful guardian of your property, the alarm system only reports the intrusion, NUBI 4.0 drives out the intruders.

Very low consumption

Without boiler

Very low consumption

Thanks to the absence of a boiler, it has extremely low consumption, saves the energy and money of the electricity bill, therefore loves the environment.


Tested in the best laboratories


The smoke emitted by Nubi 4.0 does not generate a toxic atmosphere, as per TLV-STEL EU directive 2017/164 and ACGIH. After use, it is sufficient to ventilate the room well before staying there.

Small size

16,5x14,5x11,5 cm

Small size

Nubi 4.0 is the smallest in its category, it can be installed on the wall or in a corner. The white plastic casing ensures minimal visual impact, in some cases it can be easily painted with the same color as the wall


Avoid false alarms


The integrated PIR, with an intelligent processing algorithm, significantly reduces the risk of false alarms.


Many accessories


NUBI 4.0 has a wide range of accessories, such as: the internal siren, the extended anti-sabotage, the wireless connection.


For any burglar alarm


NUBI 4.0 can be connected to any anti-theft system. Now also available in the fully wireless Plug & Play version.


Wired to any existing alarm panel

The burglar alarm control unit, through the multipolar cable, transfers the 12VDC power supply and the commands to NUBI 4.0 which has 3 inputs with configurable polarity and 3 outputs, one of which for tamper signaling. Current consumption is less than 0.001mA, it does not require overcurrent peak when triggering the smoke cartridge.

When the burglar alarm control unit does not allow the 12V power supply output, you can use NUBI 4.0 self-powered with a 3.6V lithium battery with 10-year autonomy, supplied with the product.

Wirelessly to any existing alarm panel

An RF receiver, usually housed inside NUBI 4.0, receives the commands from the burglar panel and transfers them to the smoke generator, using its inputs and outputs. Often the receiver is a standard accessory of the burglar alarm control unit, in the absence of this possibility the Smartek NBRTX kit can be used.

When the RF receiver of your control panel does not need a 12VDC power supply, it uses NUBI 4.0 battery-powered to obtain a completely wireless system. When the receiver requires a 12VDC power supply, use the 12VDC NUBI 4.0 version

Models usable for these configurations:

Self powered with battery


How NUBI 4.0 Plug & Play works:

Self-powered and completely wireless solution, which can be integrated with any burglar control unit, as long as it has an internal siren.

At the time of the theft, the burglar alarm will come into operation and consequently the siren plays, NUBI 4.0 will recognize the sound of the siren and will go on alert, delivering the smoke only if, through its integrated motion sensor, it will detect movements.

The NUBI 4.0 alert time can be extended even after the siren is silenced by a simple DIP switch programming.

The sound of the siren is learned by NUBI 4.0 at the time of installation with a simple pairing operation, so NUBI 4.0 will alert itself only if it recognizes the sound of its siren.

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