NUBI 4.0 Smoke Screen Security – 12VDC power supply with PIR

NUBI 4.0 is the active answer to prevent thefts that unfortunately occur with great frequency. While the alarm system is limited only to reporting a theft, NUBI 4.0 prevents this from happening. In a few seconds, NUBI 4.0 fills the environment with a security smoke to prevent intruders from seeing and orienting themselves. The atmosphere generated by NUBI 4.0 is non-toxic and smoke, containing incense, is composed of dry particles that remain in suspension for a long time. NUBI 4.0 has reduced dimensions and low consumption as it has no boiler and does not even need annual maintenance.

Main features

This version is powered by 12V, normally supplied by the burglar panel and its consumption is very low, less than 0.001W. The energy required to activate the smoke canister is stored inside the electronic card, so as not to require extra energy from the power source and to be sure of the trigger in any condition, even if multiple NUBI 4.0 devices are activated at the same time.

Thanks to the built-in PIR, the automatic smoke trigger occurs after a triple-consent logic that drastically reduces the possibility of false alarms. The conditions necessary to start smoking delivery are:

  1. Burglar system armed
  2. Burglar system in alarm
  3.  Movement detected by the built-in PIR

Conditions 2 and 3 can also occur in separate times, up to a maximum distance of 15 minutes from each other. When the alarm is armed and within this time window both events 2 and 3 occur, when the second event is detected, the smoke is delivered immediately.

There is also the input to trigger the immediate delivery of smoke. The polarity and logic of the inputs can be easily programmed with DIP switches in order to adapt to any burglar control panel.

To avoid accidental smoke emission during installation and verification of operation, for the first 30 minutes after switching on, the smoke delivery will not be immediate but following a 2-minute notice period within which the next delivery can be stopped.

Ordering code:

Item Description
NB40F2 COMPLETE KIT: NUBI 4.0 device, 12V power supply with integrated PIR plus activation board, plus XAFER S25 canister.
NB40F2UX WITHOUT SMOKE CANISTER: NUBI 4.0 device, 12V power supply with integrated PIR.


KIT to wirelessly connect NUBI 4.0 to a burglar panel icon

KIT to wirelessly connect NUBI 4.0 to a burglar panel.

NUBI 4.0 Internal Siren icon

NUBI 4.0 Internal Siren

Smoke canister icon

Smoke canisters

NUBI 4.0 extra tamper accessory icon

NUBI 4.0 extra tamper accessory