NUBI 4.0 test capsule

NUBI 4.0 test capsule


NCBT is a very useful tool for installing and testing NUBI 4.0 devices.

It simulates the operation of the smoke capsule, instead of delivering smoke it turns on its LEDs and emits an acoustic signal with the internal buzzer.
It has the same dimensions as a smoke capsule, is housed in the same place and connects to the same connector on the mother board.

It is immediately operational. In the Plug & Play model and in all the latest generation models (NB40F3, NB40LP2, NB40S2, NB40LPS2) it bypass the safety waiting times and allows you to immediately test the operation of the product. In the previous models, the safety waiting times will be respected as if it were a real smoke capsule.

Ordering codes:

Code Description Compatibility
NCBT NUBI 4.0 test capsule NB40F2, NB40F3, NB40LP1, NB40LP2, NB40S1, NB40S2, NB40LPS1, NB40LPS2, NB40PP