NUBI 4.0 extended tamper accessory

Scheda antisabotaggio esteso per NUBI 4.0

NBTMPX board

Accessorio protezione antischiuma per NUBI 4.0

The anti-foam sensor


NUBI 4.0 has a standard tamper protection against the opening of the box, NBTMPX is an accessory that extends the protection of the device in a professional way from other tampering attempts. It is an electronic card to be joined to the motherboard of NUBI 4.0 both powered by 12V and battery. NBTMPX has the following sensors:

Shock sensor
Against attempts to remove the device or mechanically damage it.
Anti approach sensor
Detects if the device is touched with the hands.
Temperature sensor
Against attempts at tampering caused by flames or similar heat sources.
Anti foam sensor
Against attempts to obstruct the smoke outlet using expansion foams or similar products.

Each protection can be individually enabled, thus optimizing performance and current consumption. The device has an independent alarm memory for each protection. The tamper signal to the alarm system occurs through the normally closed contact present on the 24H terminals of the NUBI 4.0 motherboard.

Anti foam protection:

The anti-foam sensor has an adhesive and is applied to the bottom of the NUBI 4.0 box, so it is connected to the cable supplied with the main board.


  • NB40F2: NUBI 4.0 powered by 12V with integrated PIR
  • NB40S1: NUBI 4.0 powered by 12V without integrated PIR
  • NB40LP1: NUBI 4.0 powered by 3,6V battery, with integrated PIR
  • NB40LPS1: NUBI 4.0 powered by 3,6V battery, without integrated PIR
Tamper extension accessory for security smoke screen device NUBI 4.0

Ordering codes:

NBTMPX Extra tamper board complete with anti-foam sensor