NUBI 4.0 Wireless connection to a burglar panel

NBRTX is an expansion kit, consisting of a transmitter and a receiver, to allow the wireless connection of NUBI 4.0 to an existing burglar panel.

The transmitter will be connected to the burglar panel, while the receiver can be housed inside NUBI.

Both the transmitter and the receiver must be powered at 12VDC.

NBRTX repeats 2 channels therefore one of the following two configurations can be realized:

  • Send the on/off state and the alarm signal to use the integrated IR sensor
  • Send only the immediate discharge command

Ordering codes:

Item Description Compatibility
NBRTX Kit composed by one trasmitter and one reciever 2 channels 433,92MHz for an efficinet connection of Nubi to an existing alarm control panel in wireless mode. Both TX and RX are powered by 12VDC. NB40F2