Smartek’s products

Smoke screen security device wireless kit

NBRTX is an expansion kit, consisting of a transmitter and a receiver, to allow the wireless connection of NUBI 4.0 to an existing burglar panel.

Internal siren for security smoke screen device NUBI 4.0

Optional siren accessory for the NUBI 4.0 smoke security device that can be used both in the 12V version and in the version powered by a 3.6 V lithium battery

Tamper extension accessory for security smoke screen device NUBI 4.0

accessory that extends the protection of the device in a professional way from other tampering attempts.

NUBI 4.0 test capsule

A very useful tool for installing and testing NUBI 4.0 devices

Spare smoke cartrisge for security smoke screen device NUBI 4.0

Replacement smoke canister suitable for all NUBI 4.0 devices.

Barriere e sensori per esterno

Security protections for perimeters, doors and windows from the outside, to prevent break-ins before they occur. Available in three families to meet any need.