Internal siren for Security Smoke Screen NUBI 4.0


NBSR01 is an optional accessory for the NUBI 4.0 smoke security device that can be used both in the 12V version and in the version powered by a 3.6 V lithium battery but by adding a alchaline 9V battery connected by NB12CB auxiliary cable. It plays for 90 seconds starting from the moment of the emission of the smoke with a sound level of about 100dB to 1m.

Ordering codes:

Item Description Compatibilitày
NBSR01 Optional internal siren. NB40F2
NB40LP1 (with 9V auxiliary alkaline battery connected via NB12CB adapter cable)
NB12CB Adapter cable for connecting a 9V alkaline battery to power the internal auxiliary siren in the NUBI 4.0 3.6V battery model NB40LP1 NB40LP1