Frequently asked questions about NUBI 4.0


NUBI 4.0 is a device that hinders theft attempts and related collateral damage to your property. After the smoke has been emitted, the room must be ventilated before you can stay there. A late room ventilation can produce dry powder residues especially on horizontal surfaces, which can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. After dispensing, simply replace the smoke cartridge to completely restore the product’s functions.

This is a summary of the information necessary for the good use of the product. The following are the main questions that users and industry professionals ask us.

The purpose of NUBI 4.0 is to thwart a theft, to do this it fills the environment with smoke to make it hostile to intruders. It is an active intervention that puts the bad guys on the run waiting for the intervention of the owner or a patrol of security or the police.

NUBI 4.0 saturates a volume of 100 cubic meters, equivalent to a surface of 35 square meters with a height of 2.80 meters. It is ideal for the protection of the most vulnerable points to the intrusion of a home or building in general, in areas containing safes and valuable goods.

Multiple devices can be installed that are activated simultaneously. In this case only the main device will have the integrated motion sensor, the others can be without.

It depends on your will and therefore on how the installation is done. Using devices with an integrated motion sensor, even if they are connected by the same general signal, these will be activated individually only in environments where even the motion sensor integrated in the product goes into alarm.

When NUBI 4.0 is correctly connected to the alarm system the possibilities of smoke delivery due to false alarms are extremely rare. NUBI 4.0 checks if the alarm system is activated, if so when the intrusion alarm is triggered it is also necessary for the motion sensor integrated on the product to go into alarm to trigger the smoke. It is therefore important to orient the movement sensor of NUBI 4.0 appropriately in order to enable the user, in the event of a false accidental alarm, to switch it off without being detected by said sensor.

It depends on the size of the environment and the obstacles that exist. The supply lasts 25 seconds, and after 45 seconds from the start there is already complete coverage of a room of 100 cubic meters. the smoke continues to spread during the first 120 seconds to achieve a completely homogeneous coverage. Near the device the coverage takes place in the first seconds of delivery.

It depends on your alarm system. If you can show the cameras and control an output, you can directly control the triggering of smoke by your mobile device. Many modern alarm systems allow it.

They are two different products. Both produce an antitheft obfuscation of the protected environment, but they have different fields of application.

The fog generators are bigger and more complex machines than smoke generators, they have a boiler kept constantly in temperature and under pressure. To obscure the view they nebulize a mixture containing components such as glycols to create the fog effect. The fog generators can protect larger volumes of the smoke generator, on the other hand they have an always active energy consumption, usually they need annual maintenance to remove the incrustations and replace the liquid, they have greater weights, dimensions and costs.

The smoke generator does not need a boiler, they are always ready without consuming energy. Smoke is generated by a pyrotechnic reaction of an incense-based mixture. It does not require annual maintenance, but only the replacement of the cartridge every 5 years. Once the dispensing process has been triggered, it cannot be stopped, so the smoke cartridge is disposable. Thanks to the reduced consumption, dimensions and costs, it is the ideal solution for effectively and conveniently protecting spaces that present high security risks.

The smoke generator requires less investment per unit of protected volume than the fog generator, in addition to lower operating and maintenance costs. Multiple smoke devices can be used to protect larger volumes..

Until the smoke is suspended in the atmosphere, it is sufficient to ventilate the environment to eliminate all the particles that will therefore leave no residues. If the aeration takes place after 30.45 minutes from triggering, the particles suspended in the atmosphere begin to settle, mainly on the horizontal surfaces, in the form of a few grams of dry powder that can be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Even the fog generator, the one with the boiler always running, diffuses particles in the atmosphere and therefore, if the environment is not ventilated in a timely manner, these particles tend to deposit on the surfaces. The fog residue is generally oily due to the glycols contained in the liquid which is vaporized and therefore requires a more demanding removal operation than the dry residues left by the smoke generator.

The atmosphere generated by our smoke generator has been tested several times in an accredited laboratory and has levels of pollutants below the thresholds allowed by law for short occupations of the room, a threshold set at 15 minutes, so there are no health risks in accessing in the environment to open the windows to allow the evacuation of the smoke. Before staying permanently, the environment must be ventilated for a recommended time of 1 or 2 hours.

It is not advisable to install a smoke generator where food or unpackaged food liquids are present, in case of accidental contamination these should not be consumed.

Yes, once triggered it produces the smoke until it is exhausted.

The only maintenance required is the replacement of the smoke canister every 5 years.

Yes, It is classified in the P1 category, therefore for free sale to adults.

The private user, as well as the installer who installs the product, are exempt from the special transport regulations.

For the transports of small and medium quantities with express courier we deliver the smoke canisters inside SICURBOX, a patented safety packaging that allows the cansters transport as ordinary goods.

For large quantities we use ADR couriers instead.