Nubi 4.0 is a range of products suitable for protecting indoor environments from theft, transforming the alarm system into a real ward off system.

It can be connected to any existing alarm panel and, in the event of theft, triggers the installed smoke canister that in a few seconds saturates the protected environment preventing the intruders from seeing and orienting.

The smoke triggering may be subjected to the double check carried out by the integrated passive infrared sensor, in order to avoid false alarms, as well as with direct command provided also remotely via a remote video control system.

NUBI 4.0 consumes an insignificant amount of energy for its operation, can be powered at 12V or with a lithium battery lasting 10 years, for both supply voltages is available both in the full version with passive infrared, both in the simplified version without infrared and with immediate activation only.

NUBI 4.0 Security Smoke Screen Devices family

Available versions

Power supply PIR Model
12V YES NB40F2
12V NO NB40S1
3,6V YES NB40LP1
3,6V NO NB40LPS1
3,6V (Plug&Play) YES NB40PP

Previous versions

NB40F1: Power supply 12V with built-in PIR.

Discover the new NUBI 4.0 Plug & Play version

Wireless, self-powered for 10 years, 100% compatible with all alarm systems equipped with an internal siren. It does not require any configuration on the alarm system. See more


KIT to wirelessly connect NUBI 4.0 to a burglar panel icon

KIT to wirelessly connect NUBI 4.0 to a burglar panel.

NUBI 4.0 Internal Siren icon

NUBI 4.0 Internal Siren

Smoke canister icon

Smoke canisters

NUBI 4.0 extra tamper accessory icon

NUBI 4.0 extra tamper accessory