Patented safety container

The pyrotechnic smoke cartridges for anti-intrusion systems are subject to the regulation of the transport of dangerous goods with ADR 1.4S classification. SICURBOX 4.0 The security packaging patented by SMARTEK transforms them into ordinary goods.

According to rule, paragraph b of the ADR Regulation, a pyrotechnic component which is in the condition where an accidental trigger during transport does not produce flames, smoke, heat or noise outside the building, can no longer be classified as dangerous goods.

SICURBOX 4.0 patented by SMARTEK is made with a steel cylinder coated with a layer of heat insulating material, all housed in a special cardboard box. The cylinder is closed with a cap, also in steel, equipped with a Viton high temperature seal and tightened with 5 screws.

A safety valve is housed on the cap to prevent the formation of dangerous pressures inside the container. In case of valve intervention, the smoke will be knocked down by a special filter. The air, which escapes from the filter, enters the cardboard and then, through small openings, will flow.

Inside the cylinder the fumigene cartridge is supported by rings in order to reduce any accidental impact during transport.

SMARTEK promote reuse

In Smartek we pay particular attention to the environment and for this reason we do not want to waste precious raw materials. We have therefore created Sicurbox 4.0 largely reusable and we encourage its economic reuse.