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Nubi - Fumofeno per antifurto

The next generation
smoke screen security system

The innovative and only one
for burglar alarms
in residential and commercial environments


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  • Scheda antisabotaggio esteso per NUBI 4.0

NUBI 4.0 extra tamper accessory

April 24th, 2019|0 Comments

New accessory for professional installations Thanks to this new accessory, the protection against the sabotage attempts of NUBI 4.0 is extended and, in addition to the anti-opening contact already present on the standard device, there [...]

Nebbiogeno non tossico

Very low consumption

NUBI 4.0 does not have a boiler, which makes it a low-consumption, eco-friendly device that
saves energy and money from the electricity bill.

Nebbiogeno non tossico


The smoke generated by Nubi 4.0 does not produce toxic atmosphere, as from TLV-STEL
EU directive 2017/164 and ACGIH. After its use all you need to do is ventilate the room. The
used cartridge will be disposed of in accordance with local requirements.

Più piccolo di un nebbiogeno

Small size

NUBI 4.0 is the smallest one in its class and can be placed on a flat surface (wall) or on the
corner. The white plastic box ensures minimal visual impact and can also be easily painted
with the same colour of the wall.

Nebbiogeno intelligente


The smart algorithm used by the integrated infrared detector minimizes the risk of false
alarms, especially when NUBI 4.0 is connected to an existing burglar alarm system.

Nebbiogeno espandibile


SMART WiFi option transforms NUBI 4.0 to a remote video surveillance system. Through a
smartphone APP, tablet or PC, you will be able to see the camera images, then run the
smoke generation. With the built-in burglar alarms option, you will also be able to switch
on/off the system.

Nebbiogeno universale

For any use

NUBI 4.0 can be connected by wire or wirelessly to any existing burglar alarm panel or used
with the built-in burglar alarm option.


Wired to any existing alarm panel

This is the most inexpensive solution and works with any existing burglar alarm. It is wired to
the control panel by a 6 or 8-conductor cable.

Wirelessly to any existing alarm panel

It is the solution to save installation costs because it can be connected to any existing alarm
panel without a cable.

Turn NUBI 4.0 into a remote video surveillance system

Fumogeno attivato a distanza

With this expansion you can control one or more WiFi cameras installed in your room
through a simple app which will also allow you to operate the smoke machine and activate or
deactivate the built-in burglar alarm unit.



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NUBI 4.0 is the only system which helps you keep your electricity bill low as it is boiler-free
and therefore very economical. Only the original has the patented incense based smoke